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Places worth visiting in Germany

Before planning an adventurous journey or trip, what are the things you look forward to? Culture, tradition, cuisine, spots, and beauty? Well, there are some places worth visiting in Germany, having all you long for. From villages to thick green forest, from river valleys to vineyards you are not going to be missing anything during your trip. The alluring places of Germany have so much to offer to its tourists that you would be left in shock after experiencing those natural and possessing places.

Language, is without a shed of doubt a significant tool for communication and to enjoy the perks of tourism you need to know a little bit about the written German expressions. Trust me it's no big deal to learn a few questions or phrases. Traveling demands a bit of effort as well, you know!
In this article, I am going to be mentioning top-notch places worth visiting in Germany and give you an experience that you are going to remember for a lifetime.

My friend, are you ready to experience the exotic beauty of Germany with me?

Rothenburg ob der tauber and the romantic road:

Are you a fan of Medieval Europe? If yes, then why not visit this place? This is one of the most attractive towns in Germany, which is located in Bavaria. It occupies the first place in my list so you better know how much beauty it would be comprising!

The black forest:

Have you seen fairy tales turning into reality? This place is the work of a magician. The black forest of Germany features numerous enchanting villages including Baden Baden, known as "the jewel of the black forest", Offenburg which is the capital of the Wine region, and the university city, Freiburg.

Neuschwanstein castle:

U love Disney castles? Why not visit one? Yes, my friend all Disney castles are inspired by this beautiful and breathtaking castle. It is inspired by the roman buildings and its exotic beauty cannot be overshadowed even if it is crowded with tourists.

Lake Konigsee:

This lake is like heaven on earth, located in the southeast of Germany and on the border of Austria. This one is the deepest and cleanest lake in Germany and the most beautiful Alpine lake. I can't wait to go to Germany now!


This medieval architecture preserving city is a Bavarian city as it has been declared the “UNESCO world heritage site" in the year 2006. The cherry on top is, that you get to enjoy the watery sceneries, as well as this city, is located along the rivers of Naab, Regen, and Danube.

Sanssouci castle:

This marvelous castle is located in the east of Germany in Potsdam. Its gardens and parks are included in UNESCO world heritage. There are temples inside of these gardens and the castle itself is embellished with Beautiful golden Rocco detailing and is inspired from the 18-century finishing.


Welcome to “The Rome of Germany” which is located in Bavaria. This city also has secured its place in UNESCO world heritage. This town is all pleasant vibes, there are runny water streams, and you may relax and have a glass of beer in the local gardens.

You are already in Germany in your dreams, right? Me too! So, what's the wait, for now, plan your trip, book your tickets and fly to Germany.

Feb. 10, 2021, 9:48 p.m.