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Our Favorite Family AirBnb Experiences in the Netherlands

Of all the family travels which we have done throughout Europe, there is no doubt at all that our best experiences when it came to AirBnbs was in the Netherlands. You have to look for something very different when you are traveling with kids, because you really need accommodation in which they can be comfortable and enjoy their time.

Without going too deeply into the destinations, here were some of our favorite experiences with family accommodation across the Netherlands.

Haarlem Family Paradise

We were a little worried about the kids in Haarlem, just because of the fact that it was more of a traditional spot than other Dutch cities. As soon as we walked into our accommodation and saw the amazing dinosaur themed room decorations however, we knew things would be just fine. The kids felt like they were in their very own bedrooms from the word go, and the themed rooms and beds put huge smiles on their faces. The value for money here was also incredible and it turned out to be a real surprise package.

Groiningen Water Spot

The space in which we found for Groningen was right on top of the water, a spot which we chose because of the views over the canals. What we were not expecting however was that the room items would have been designed in such a way that would perfectly reflect our surroundings. The owners had gone with an aquatic design which just looked incredible, and they even added some sea animals in the kids’ room to give them the same vibe.

Cool Amsterdam Apartment

Amsterdam was a tricky one because we were looking for a central apartment but most are designed for office workers and creatives. After doing a little bit of searching we found the most spectacular apartment, which was actually inside an old looking building. We didn’t have high hopes but upon entering we realized that the apartment was a series of rooms, connected via tunnels, offering lots of little hidey-holes for the kids. This apartment was so great that the kids actually went into a mood when we went out to explore the city, and couldn’t wait to get back after the day was done.

Rotterdam Fun House

Rotterdam was a little underwhelming if I’m being honest, but the funhouse family apartment which we rented was absolutely incredible. This place was designed with kids in mind and it featured all kinds of toys, cool chairs and even a mini-climbing wall. We wanted to give the kids a special place to stay after they had been so well behaved during our travels, and this was the perfect reward for them.

The moral of the story here is that if you are going to rent out private accommodation and you are focusing on families, make sure that most of your focus goes on how much the kids are going to enjoy it. After all if you have happy kids, the parents are highly likely to be happy as wel

Aug. 9, 2022, 7:57 p.m.