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Basic travel checklist for beginners

At some point in our lives, we have all been beginners as far as traveling is concerned. When internet access was not a thing, people learned from their mistakes as they went on vacations. But now, the internet is in our pockets, and that minimizes the chances of making mistakes. Here is what you should take care of before you go on vacation and what mistakes to avoid.

Get your documentation ahead of time

It depends on where you are going, but if you travel to a foreign country, chances are that you need some kind of travel document. Of course, there are a few exceptions. For instance, in Europe, all EU citizens can travel everywhere within the European Union using just a national ID card. In other cases, a passport is enough.
Nevertheless, sometimes, you need to prepare beforehand because you may need a visa. Again, it depends on where you are going. That is why you should make inquiries about the visa policy of the country you want to visit. If you are lucky, you qualify for an electronic visa. A lot of states adopted the electronic visa system, and if you are eligible, you can apply online. There is no need for a trip to the nearest embassy. On the other hand, if an e-visa is not available, you must visit a consulate and apply for a consular visa. We recommend that you call ahead and ask about the requirements.

Go for online booking as often as you can

Whether we are talking about flight tickets or hotel reservations, we suggest that you make all your bookings online. It is not very likely to have issues with your flight, but hotels sometimes make mistakes, and if you just call ahead, your reservation may be lost. When you book accommodation online, on the other hand, you at least have an e-mail that confirms your reservation.

Take advantage of technology

Technology has made its way into everything, traveling included. The internet can help you find the cheapest plane tickets and most advantageous deals when it comes to accommodation. There is an app for almost anything. You can bring down the language barrier with a simple application, and you can avoid being fooled in a market by using a currency app. Offline maps will help you know your location at all times, while some apps can turn your confirmation e-mails into an itinerary. The point is that if something crosses your mind, chances are that you are going to find anything you need online.

Pack light

This is a common mistake. People tend to pack a lot of clothes and shoes thinking that they need it. They could not be more wrong. Going on vacation is not about you parading all your clothes. It is about fun and adventure. You would be surprised how many people pack a lot of clothes only to use about half of them. You only need to pack the basic. Just make sure that you take the climate into consideration. If it’s cold, pack insulated clothing. If it is humid, take all the socks you have to avoid foot fungus. The point is that the lighter you pack, the better, you do not need to be worn down by your luggage.

The bottom line is that you can make many mistakes as a beginner traveler. You will find some information about most of them online, while some you will learn on your own. The secret is to make a checklist before you start planning. That way you can make sure that you do not miss anything.

Feb. 15, 2019, 5:27 p.m.